Rafael Santos

Startup Tech Entrepreneur || Head of Product || Software Engineer

Who is Rafael Santos ?


  • Passionate about Culture/Talent Building and driven by Lean Startup Movement as well as Product Management Culture (Hypothesis/Experimentation);
  • Always learning, curious and trying to improve cause I believe that continuous improvement is the key factor for building an infinite business;
  • Obsessed about Playbooks, Cerimonies and Squads;
  • Hands-on when it comes do Software Design and Architecture. Motivated by the need to overcome Challenges os Scale;


  • Currently CTO and founder of Decision6, an award-winning Brazilian Technology Startup founded in 2015, considered Top 100 Startups to Watch in Brazil and Top 13 Marketing focused Startup in 2018 as well as best IoT solution for Retailers in 2019 by RetailTech Mining Report
  • Raised $1.2 million in funding (Seed and Series A) from INSEED Investimentos in 2017 and HBS Angels in 2015
  • Founded 4 different Brazilian technology companies starting in 2002 (ThinkFreak, Specta, MetaCerta.com, Decision6)
  • Former CEO and founder of Specta/MetaCerta.com, an award-winning Brazilian Technology Startup founded in 2008, considered one of the best Startups in Brazil in 2012 (Desafio Brasil - FGV) and 2013 (DEMO Brasil), also considered a Social Technology by Tech4Good (CDI) and Projeto Visão de Sucesso (Endeavor/Itaú/BID)
  • 19 years in Tech Industry and of those 15 as Entrepreneur
  • Using Scrum since 2010 running more than 400 Sprints
  • Well versed in Web Technologies, Scaling Techniques, Data Engineering, Infrastructure and Data Science


  • Started coding at 10 (1992)
  • Switched to Linux at 14 (1996)
  • A preference for effective learning through books and courses versus daily saviours Google and Stack Overflow
  • A family man with great love for his wife and dogs (three of them!)
  • Second on The CLQ World Ranking for Quake Team Fortress (1990s)
  • An avid sportsman with Snowboarding, Roller Skating, Basketball and Rock Climbing among the favourites
  • Disney and Rollercoasters in general are a guilty pleasure